Blog Post created by elvan on Jan 30, 2017

If anyone has a way to contact Silverstar (Jacqueline), please let her know that her loss is going to be acutely felt by at least some of us.  She brought a joyful sense of humor to this site and I looked forward to every one of her blogs, my only regret is that I no longer have a way to contact her.  We may have helped to get her to 115 days but she helped every single one of us along the way. My emotions are clearly raw at this point and this certainly did not help, I am actively crying.


Learning the site is going to be a challenge but I am not going to give up, there are too many important people here who have been there for me since my day one.  People who have been there through the hardest times of my life, so far.  I am not willing to lose contact with any of you.