Still Hanging In There

Blog Post created by djmurray_12-31-14 on Apr 2, 2020

Greetings, EX family -- From my house to your house -- random thoughts coming to the end of the third week of stay at home.   


Sorry for the "woe is me" of my last blog.  My granddaughter is fine and well.  In retrospect we don't think she had Covid-19 because she was completely okay within 72 hours.  This is a very surreal time for the entire world, and I think many of us (I know it's true for me) are quite jumpy.  I'm practicing deep breathing, and that helps a lot.


Last week I did a really good job of making sure I had a list of things to do each day and I checked them off as I did them.  This week not so much.  This week I've read a lot, started a jigsaw puzzle and watched some TV.  I went out to get groceries and pick up prescriptions yesterday during senior shopping hour and it was pretty darn exciting.  Given that I live in Virginia and we're on a stay-at-home order until June 10, I'm pacing myself in all things.  


It figures that when gas (at Costco) is $1.37 a gallon, we can't go anywhere.


I'm so glad I don't smoke.  I don't think going out for cigarettes qualifies as obtaining "essentials."  


Am I the only person whose glasses fog up when I'm wearing a mask?  I got a paper mask when I went to the doctor back on 3/16, and I tried to wear it yesterday when I went to the store, but I couldn't see because it made my glasses foggy.  


I'm really glad April Fools passed with very few people pulling pranks.  It just isn't a good time for that.  However, I have a few Facebook friends who are posting genuinely funny things, and I love them because laughter really is the best medicine.  One of my favorites: "After three weeks of staying in the house I'm beginning to understand why my dog chews the furniture."  Another one:  "After three weeks of staying in the house I understand why my dog stares out the window.  Today I think I barked at a squirrel." And: "For years I've said I just didn't have time to give my house a good cleaning.  Turns out time's not the problem."


I filed for unemployment a week ago.  The numbers came out today -- I was one of 6.6 Million who filed for the first time last week.  Holy (insert whatever cuss word comforts you, or, if you don't cuss, then "mackerel.")  The previous record was set last week at 3.3 million.  Prior to that the record was 658,000.  We're in totally uncharted territory here, in so many ways.


I just realized I haven't used my voice today.


Thank heaven for Zoom.  I was one of 52 people who participated in our church service last Sunday morning on Zoom and I think it will be a bunch more this coming Sunday.  I'm part of a study group on Wednesday mornings and we had 22 of us on Zoom yesterday.  I've seen 74 faces on Zoom, this week, which is considerably more than I've seen in person in 3 weeks!


And thank heaven for my family.  They know I'm not much of a cook which makes me lazy about cooking for just myself.  About 3 times a week they've been sending dinner over.  


So that's about it for now.  Maybe I'll take a nap.  Love you all!