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Blog Post created by djmurray_12-31-14 on May 23, 2019

EX has been such an important part of my life for the last four and a half years.  There isn't an emotion I haven't shared here during that time -- fear, joy, sorrow, anger, boredom (not sure that's an emotion, but I've shared it) depression, anxiety, happiness, and everything in between.  Nancy (Young At Heart) said it so well recently when she called us a "full emotion support group."  Quitting smoking does encompass just about every emotion, and being able to express those emotions to people who have been there or are going there or are right exactly there is what makes the difference between "trying" and "doing."


I have been blessed to attend three of the seven EX reunions, including the one that just wrapped up three days ago.  I saw old friends and met new ones.  I laughed and cried.  I reveled in great company and got some time alone.  The lovely aura of the connection we felt remains with me and I want to share that with all of you.  We've started discussions about having regional EX reunions so that more of the EX community can experience meeting in person those with whom we've shared so much.  If you haven't been to an EX reunion, try to build it in for next year -- you will love every minute of it.  Join the discussion about how we can expand these gatherings so you have a chance to get to know some of your dear friends from the site in a different way.  


Today is also a sad day, because we lost a very special person from our community.  We learned this morning that Sharon (Smorgy) passed away two days ago, and many of us are heartbroken.  Rest in Peace, beautiful lady.