I'm Hanging In There

Blog Post created by djmurray_12-31-14 on Mar 1, 2019

Thanks to everyone who responded to my very depressing blog the other day.  In case the image above isn't clear, it's a sloth hanging in there.  This is truly the best community ever, and the kindness I received was so very appreciated. 


I've been down with a migraine since Tuesday night and finally feeling a bit better.  I had my grandson take me to the ER yesterday because my pain meds weren't working and when I was in Northern Virginia and had an intractable migraine I would go to the ER and they would give me dilaudid, by IV, which would allow me to go home and sleep for several hours and that would knock out the headache.  Yesterday was a torture chamber.  I was there for 4.5 hours in a tiny waiting room before they even got me to a bed, they had to stick me 4 times to get the IV in, I waited another 2 hours before a nurse came in to give me a shot and it didn't include ANY pain medication.  It was benedryl (which I have at home) a steroid (which I have at home) and magnesium.  When I went to the ER I had a pain level of 7.5 to 8.  By this time it was a screaming 9.  There were no sheets on the bed, no door on the room and things were beeping like crazy.  I finally called the nurse after another half hour and said "I can't take this any more, I'm jumping out of my skin, my pain is ridiculous; please discharge me."  I never saw a doctor.  The physician's assistant came in and agreed to discharge me.  I was there for over 7 hours.  I was so grateful to be home I cried.


Other than that I'm doing better.  I haven't seen my daughter yet but we've spoken on the phone, and I'm giving her space.  I went to work on Tuesday (I work Tuesday through Friday) but then I had the migraine through the night on Tuesday so Wednesday I had to call in.  Thursday I went to work but they sent me home after 1/2 hour because I was in such pain and was extremely sensitive to light and sound.  That's when I called my grandson to take me to the ER.  Since I got home yesterday I've just been staying in bed, but I was able to eat something today.


When I was in the waiting room yesterday a guy came in from smoking and we ended up talking for a couple of minutes.  I mentioned I had quit, and he asked me how long I smoked.  I told him 53 years and had been quit for 4.  He asked how I did it.  I told him about Allen Carr and  He said he started when he was 14 and he's 40 now and really wants to quit.  I didn't get his name, but I hope he follows through.  I also told him he could find Allen Carr on You Tube.  For the newbies here, there's lots of good stuff on You Tube, and very early in my quit I was having a bad day and spent hours on You Tube watching videos about people who didn't quit in time.  Yes, it was kind of creepy, but in those first weeks it's pretty much whatever works, right?


So Happy 13 Years to Giulia, a warm "you got this" to all the newbies, and a huge thank you to all my good friends and soon to be new friends on this site.  Oh, and I'm really looking forward to EX7!