Day 49 And I'm Hanging In There

Blog Post created by djmurray_12-31-14 on Feb 18, 2015

I sure didn't expect this.  I have been so happy about my quit, and for the last 24 hours I have not been able to stop thinking about smoking.  I am NOT going to smoke, notwithstanding the fact that I feel so strongly that I want a cigarette.  I know what I know.  I've said before, I can't unlearn what I've learned about addiction to cigarettes.  I would hate myself if I smoked, because I would have broken a promise to myself.  I know I am torturing myself, and I definitely don't WANT to be doing this.  I have tried reading, watching TV, eating, but I defintely draw the line at going out for a walk.  It's REALLY cold out there and very icy, so that's not an option this evening.  I know, blah, blah, blah I can ramble on and on, but in the end it's only a feeling and feelings are like waves in the ocean or clouds in the sky.  They pass.  I hope they pass soon, because this is really wearing me out.