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Posted by deefree Jan 23, 2017



Mum of two kids and one dog.

full time job .


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i am 42 and being smoking since i am 13 - that is 29 years. i have never known a life without smoking.


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reading keeping fit


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Posted by deefree Mar 3, 2016

Day 2 did not end of the high i had hoped for. it actually ended up being way harder than day 1.

i think I overshot my feelings of excitement at getting to day 2 that i did not fully prepare myself mentally.

The urge to smoke was so strong at times that I nearly did buy a pack.

I didn't though and for that I am proud of myself and do plan to own that strenght  but it was so hard at times that i nearly got cranky with my kids and folks around me.

what did happen to me which blew me away at how fast i felt the difference, when i went to boxerise( something i do week on week anyway) was how much easier it was to breathe. i understand in excerising that breathing is so important and always struggled with it so for me to all of sudden be able to breathe differently was a amazing.

so for that alone I am better prepared today to fight the urge to smoke.

so i am armed with lots of sugar free gum, lollies and mints to keep me going.

with love to all you going through the same thing..XXX


Posted by deefree Mar 2, 2016

starting to feel excited now about the change.

here's to life without all the crap that comes with smoking.

standing in the rain trying to light up.

being on my own while all my pals are still inside the bar having a laugh.

smokey cough and crap in my mouth daily.

having a mini heart attack everytime i run of ****.

worrying my kids.

spending my last €10 quid on them just before pay day.

Day 1

Posted by deefree Mar 1, 2016

Today is my first day of giving up.

i did smoke two ciggerattes this morning when i woke but  have not smoke since.

by this time i would have smoked about 10 so me that is a huge change.

the only reason i smoke them is because they were there.

i am finding breaking the habit hard and the urge is so stronge at times.

but i will go with it and keep on pushing myself to stay strong.

i want to be smoke free and live a long life. i want to be able to run a mile without my lungs falling out of my mouth.