I'm still here!!!

Blog Post created by danirn784 on Jan 24, 2012

Hey everyone, I know I have completely been M.I.A. for about the past 50 days, but things have just been CRAZY!!!  I thought they'd slow down after the holidays, but between work and my new diet/fitness routine and all the other wonderful things I have time (and money) for now that I don't smoke I feel busy all the time!!!  As a quick update: I have signed up to run in my very first half marathon this year!  It is something I never thought I would be able to do (hardly being able to climb a flight of stairs without getting short of breath previously), but I have made up my mind to do it!  I also have been dabbling in some amateur photography and we'll see where that leads....

As I approach day 100 of my quit, I know I am up to my eyes in NML and there are days I feel it!!!  The cravings and urges hardly exist anymore, but when they pop up, they totally catch me by surprise!  It's not that I feel tempted by them, I just don't think of myself as a smoker, so when I suddenly get an urge to smoke, I'm think, "Why the heck would I want a cigarette!?!?"  This past week alone, I also had 2 very vivid dreams about smoking and woke up thinking I blew it.  Luckily, just a dream!!!  The thought of smoking just grosses me out now.

I'm sorry I haven't been on here much lately, and I don't want you guys to think I've forgotten about you because I think about you all the time and recommend this site to everyone I know that smokes and thinks they want to quit!  You all are such an encouragement and it would not have been possible for me without the help and support from all of you.

Another shout out, in Vogue magazine this month, it talked about jumping back on the wagon after breaking a New Year's resolution, and for smokers who had relapsed, it mentioned the Allen Carr method of quitting and it's high success rate.  Exciting for me to see in one of my favorite magazines something so close to my heart!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping strong in their quit!!!!  Till next time...