Ripples in the pond

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Dec 31, 2017

Every New Years Eve, I have had a ritual here for the last 22 years of closing out my books for my business. Starting a new binder for the next year/years. One thing I've never changed is keeping hard copies of invoices from my business. I've had way too many computers crash over the years. And the one time that I'd forget to back up something is when it was certainly going to die on me. So every year, I pull out that empty binder that I'll use for the next two years, transfer over the dividers for the months, label it and put it on the shelf.


I just finished off my two-year binder. Will finally be printing my last invoice of the year. Printing off my year-end summaries. Filing them away. While I was opening up my storage closet and looking at past years, the pages look so different now. They're no longer yellow stained and absolutely reek when you open them up. All those years of chain smoking in my office left a mark in those books. My daughter came home after being at a neighbor's house. They both smoke in their house and she just absolutely smelled. I just looked up at my husband and said, did I smell that bad for all those years?


When we're smokers, we never notice those smells. We're too busy killing off those cilia hairs to really notice the fantastic smells of the world around us. I've found a great article,How Smoking Harms Your Sinuses | Everyday Health  which discusses how smoking affects your sinuses. It amazes me what those little hairs do that we were destroying every day. Take a peek at the article and see what you think.


So to close this out, I want to wish everyone a very happy, prosperous new year. If you're new to the site, stick close to us here. We will help you along every step of the way. Before you light up again, come here and discuss your feelings, your frustration. I know with myself, way back in the beginning, I'd start writing a blog all frustrated and chasing my own tail. And by the end of it, I was calmed down. I was seeing things differently. I've learned over time that problem was just a small ripple in the pond, getting further and further away............