Someday I'll feel like we're back to normal

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Feb 7, 2017

I've decided that I will just blog because that way I know where it's going to land.  When I use the discussion feature, it asks me where to post it to and the only real choice is conversations, but yet it tells me it has only 25 followers.  I'm on the fence if I want to stay here or find somewhere else to go where it's more personable, more intimate, easier to navigate.  I look for the new members to help them along and there's no one out there.  With the old site you were directed to one place and one place only and that was to blog.  I can see where newer members or even those less computer savvy try to post a discussion and it asks where to post it and they get lost and just cancel it.  We're defeating the purpose here of a support site. Too many things are getting lost in the shuffle.  Too many people are waiting in the wings.


If you are new here, just post a blog and you will get all kinds of responses.  leave it as your personal blog because you will be referring back to it from time to time and you'll be sharing it with everyone.  When I am having a rough day or just a down period, I go back to my earlier blogs and reread how I was then and how I am now.  Blogs are such a useful tool when you are feeling insecure or having doubt in the strength of your quit.  When you hit NML (No man's land), you'll have so many ups and downs, twists and turns.  If you find yourself frustrated about why something isn't posting, why am I getting this and not getting that, ask, use the search feature on here by using the magnifying glass.


Believe me, we're here for you.  It's just that we're scattered all over the place.........