Going back to see if it's true

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Feb 2, 2017

I remember the days when I was on "GO" and was proceeding around the board hoping to make it to Boardwark, all around the bends and turns people kept telling me give it time, it will get easier, just hang in there.  I'll be honest, I just rolled my eyes and said, yeah, but when.  I'm sure nobody is having as rough of a time as I am.  This is way too hard.


Well, I welcome you to go to anyone's profile who is an elder (has one year of being a nonsmoker), go to their content, filter by date created: oldest first.  There you will see their beginnings.  There you will see how similar we all are, that we really know what we're talking about.  Look and see at what stage they were at when things were getting better, 100 days, 130 days.  Be an investigator and see that you are no longer the only one that's going through this.  Blog about how hard quitting smoking is, how miserable, how great you are.  


I can't tell you how many times I've went back and read over my first few blogs to reassure myself that taking the easy road and just simply going back to smoking because it would take everything away just won't work for me anymore.  That's not who I am anymore.  I don't need them anymore.  They do not dictate my life anymore.  They don't have the hold they once had.  I remember talking to people who said well, I just quit one day and haven't picked one up since.  No other information, tips, tricks.  Just quit.  Well, it can't be that bad then.  Then began my off again/on again romance with Mr. Whitestick.


Well, we have now been broke up for 374 days, one year and 9 days, and I don't miss it one bit.  I occassionally say well, a cigarette would go good right now but to me now that's the same of saying well, a nice big bowl of ice cream would be good right now.  It's just a thought.  Just something that popped in my head at the time.  It goes away just as soon as it arrived.  You will get here.  You will relearn all the rituals you created over the years.  Instead of lighting up when you first wake up, have some mints by your bed and pop one.  Instead of drinking coffee sitting down and having a cigarette, stand up. Do the same thing every single day for a period of a few weeks.  Trust me, after that time, you'll find yourself not even thinking about it.  Think of when the date changes, some of us (me included) have a heck of a time in the first month of the year writing the new year down.  After we've done it quite a few times, it becomes second nature.  Trust me, quitting smoking is just like that.  You can do this.  It is possible.  It is obtainable.  It is possible.  So you go get 'em, tiger.  I know you will do just fine