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Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Jan 21, 2017

Holy-Moly, what a week this was. Monday was freezing rain. Nothing was moving. Several power outages due to falling trees and downed power lines. Work is finally picking up for me. December and January are always slow months due to the holidays and no court. I'm what they call a scopist and I work for court reporters. When I lived in Phoenix way back in the very early '80s, I was going to be a court reporter. I was going to be trained as a scopist by our court reporter when I worked in traffic court in Waukesha back in the '70s. I turned it down. And then 20 years later, I graduated from my training and have been doing this ever since. Absolutely love my job. Hate being an independent contractor because I never seem to get that estimated tax right in line, but I come close.


For over 20 years, I sat in my office and chain smoked while working away. My keyboard snowed when turned over. My tray that held the keyboard to my desk had ashes stuck in the back. Now it's basically crumbs and the tray is ever so clean. It's so nice not to have that perpetual yellow ET finger. I'm so looking forward to spring so I can paint my office. My bookcase filled with my smelly reference books will have to survive as is. It would cost thousands of dollars to replace all of those. It's just a reminder to me of yesteryear. Oh, and did I mention in about 4 days I'll be quit for a year...... hard to believe.


I may not be able to visit these sites myself personally on a daily basis. This is just a helpful suggestion for those of you new to this site. Give yourself a break once in a while. Be gentle with yourself. We all know life is full of stress, frustration, but you know what, that's just the way it is. It's important to learn how to reactdifferently to the actions that we did for so many years, light up and puff our problems away. It's also important to look on the positive side instead of the negative. Check out Positive Affirmations for Success: You can take what you want and leave the rest. And you can always find and contribute your own. When you click the Group Button just to the right of the Blog button and when that window comes up look for the featured group button we are the first group listed   Also we are on the Home Page under Featured Groups or just click this link


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