Respect the addict in you

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Dec 26, 2016

There are different philosphies on this site about this subject. My take on it is that once you accept that you are an addict to nicotine, you will always be an addict to nicotine and this addiction will never go away, you will be sucessful. In time you learn to see its signs, you learn your weak spots, your main triggers, things that draw you back to smoking. Smoking is just one aspect to this disease. I truly don't know if you could ever really call this a disease because there's no cure for it. There's all kinds of different theories. One that I found from the National TASC site is: It is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable drug craving, seeking, and use despite devastating consequences - behaviors that stem from drug-induced changes in brain structure and function." Five million smokers annually smoke themselves to death.


Another good article that I've seen posted on here several times, but never hurts to reinforce is: This contains the above stated quote. This also contains many links to different types of publication for you to read over. Everybody uses a different method to quit smoking, but the main one is never to take another puff. Not do not ever have a cigarette. Never take another puff. It really tastes awful. How we ever thought it tasted good is beyond me. It tastes like an ashtray smells, really it does.


Treat this quit with the respect it deserves. It can be lost at any time, but only if you allow it to. Don't be frightened when a long-standing member here fails. We're all human, but we have to remember to always take that five minutes to STOP, DROP and ROLL. Before reaching for the pack that someone had laying there, before grabbing that cigarette that's being offered to you, STOP. Think about what is pushing your buttons at that moment. DROP that cigarette. ROLL that feeling right off your back and out of your mind. Remember that moment. Remember your solution. Rejoice in your triumph. Life moves on. We can't put the brakes on it. Go with the flow. It's good to be free.