Good morning Ex land

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Nov 26, 2016

Good morning, fellow Ex'ers. Just my Saturday blog to check out a few sites on here for you newbies and for us oldies but goodies on here. Sometimes a little reminder doesn't hurt. I remember very clearly fighting to quit back in December. I tried everything because I wanted this done and wanted this done now. I remember the panic of the thought of quitting smoking. Heck, I've tried it many times before. It was almost like trying on shoes. If it didn't feel right, I just didn't buy it or do it. It was easier to just keep on smoking instead of learning why this is so hard. Of course it got easier once I realized that this is a lifelong thing. This will never go away. I just need to manage it and control it.


In my case, my father was an alcoholic and a very heavy smoker. He never quit until he lost his leg back in the '90s. My mother was a borderline alcoholic and a heavy smoker, but I have no memory of that as she quit when I was young. There's so many theories about what makes some people suceptible to smoking and others do not, as with alcohol. It's the wonderful world of how the brain works. Maybe someday they will have an answer to addiction. Like there is this little part of your brain that didn't grow right when you were young and is inflammed, or you caught this infection when you were very young and it caused you to be a smoker, here, take this pill and it will never come back again. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Why are some so easily swayed and others are not? Why are there people that can just smoke on the weekend and we're biting our nails and crawling the walls just to make it through a day? Is it genetics that we are more suceptible to smoking or is it just learned behavior? Simple answer to that one is we're addicts. But what makes us more prone to it? Is it because we were born with a shortage of dopamine receptors? There's so many theories out there that you could drive yourself insane chasing that answer.


Very early in my quit, I was chasing that answer. I was like a dog chasing my tail. But in actuality was it my addictive self just trying to find an excuse, create a reason to give up? I've always been a heavy thinker. Perhaps overthinking at times, but that's how I deal with my life. I have this thirst for knowledge and reasoning. It's probably an occupational hazard. The old saying of everything happens for a reason. This recovery as with any recovery from addition can be obtained by staying committed, having acceptance, stay the course, ride out the rough waves and stick with it, you'll do just fine. Just resolve yourself to accept that that's just something that you don't do anymore. It's always going to be there, but you just don't do that anymore.


Give yourself a break once in a while. Be gentle with yourself. We all know life is full of stress, frustration. It's important to learn how to react differently to the actions that we did for so many years, light up and puff our problems away. It's also important to look on the positive side instead of the negative. Check out Positive Affirmations for Success: You can take what you want and leave the rest. And you can always find and contribute your own. When you click the Group Button just to the right of the Blog button and when that window comes up look for the featured group button we are the first group listed   Also we are on the Home Page under Featured Groups or just click this link


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