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Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Oct 22, 2016

Well, good morning, fellow Ex'ers. Good morning to all the Elders and to all the new quitters out there. This is doable even though in the beginning you scream that this isn't possible, it's too hard, I just can't do this. But take the time to do the suggested reading on here before your quit date. Learn as much as you can about how to quit sucessfully, what nicotine is and does to a person's body. The fun thing about this site is that we all have our own philosphy on quitting. Some like cold turkey. Some like the patch, gum, lozenges. Some like Chantix or Wellbutrin. But one thing we all agree on is to identify what you think personally are your triggers, things that make you most likely to smoke. That is what makes this your own, tailored plan and probably why it can be frustrating at times when you can't find precise answers. So take the time and identify your triggers, what you think makes you smoke.


Just remember, those triggers are everywhere and will pop up from time to time. It's called life and life doesn't stop when you stop smoking. Life is full of stress, frustration. It's important to learn how to act differently to the reactions that we did for so many years. It's also important to look on the positive side instead of the negative. Check out Positive Affirmations for Success: You can take what you want and leave the rest. And you can always find and contribute your own. 


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