never thought it could happen

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Sep 6, 2016

Sunday was a family get together for my granddaughter's birthday.  What beautiful weather.  We were all outside enjoying the children and the day and there were quite a few smokers milling around.  Seven months ago I would be joining in on that, but this time I was just sitting back and enjoying the day.  The smoke didn't bother me one bit except for taking my breath away once in a while.  Today I had a visit from my ex-son-in-law who has battled herion addiction and is doing exceptionally well.  He's been clean now for 8 months and is really staying on track.  He stops by to chat or sometimes just for emotional support.  I enjoy brainstorming with him.  He's such an intelligent soul.  We both hang on to our sobriety, quits, whatever with an iron fist.  He still smokes though.  We were talking about something and it was upsetting for him and the first thing he did was grab for a cigarette.  He's not allowed to smoke in my house.  So I just simply followed him outside to finish up our conversation while he smoked and I gave advice.  The smoking didn't bother me one bit.  What a great feeling, I'm telling ya............