That itch you can't scratch

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Aug 18, 2016

Remember when you were a kid and your mother would tell you don't scratch that, it will leave a scar or it will make it worse.  Well, that itching desire to just have one is just like that.  A person speaking from having survived NML and finally broke through, I too had that strong urge to just try one to see if it fit, to see if it wouldn't take again.  Something in the back of my mind kept telling me that it will be okay.  I've gone 4 months, 5 months without one, one puff ain't going to hurt.

Well, my favorite saying of STOP, DROP and ROLL.  Respect that addiction and don't give it the power that it can have on you.  Acknowledge that it's there and put it in its place.  Because I'm going to tell you, my friends, it will always be there, it's just not going to have the power over you like it once had.  You'll never be rid of it because it can pop up in times of stress, loneliness, frustration, sadness, etc.  You must learn different ways of dealing with those times, recognizing those times, remembering what you did to overcome them, then it gets so much easier.............