The Flicker of the Light is Dim

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Mar 22, 2016

Yesterday  I was cleaning out underneath my sink and found about 4 cigarette butts.  Unconsciously, I picked them up and laid them on the cutting board like I was going to save them for later.  Didn't notice it until after I was done getting all the recycling from under there.  Seriously I don't have recycling laying all over my kitchen.  It is an enclosed area under the sink that we use for that and garbage....... anyhooo, after getting all the items to their correct bins, I looked over at those butts and thought what the......  Shook my head and threw them away.

That light of just one more, oh, a little hit won't hurt is dimming.  I'm now coming up to my 2-month mark on Sunday, Easter Sunday.  I reflect back on how it was when I first started this on December 31st only to fail on January 3rd. And struggled for the month of January until I figured out what would work for me and come to grips that I'm not doing this anymore.  I remember obsessing about smoking, smoking, smoking that first 30 days.  I know the feeling of people thinking oh, you should be over this already.  You haven't quit really, you're on the patch.

Well, I'm not on the patch anymore.  I'm 100 percent nicotine free.  Mr. Nicobod is kicked to the curb.  All of his pictures are torn up.  I'm not answering his calls anymore.  Be gone, I'm done with you...........