First Day of Spring

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Mar 20, 2016

I'm just having all kinds of "Firsts" here lately.  I'm proud to announce that I'm officially off the patch.  Feeling good. The funky mood has passed.  Sleeping better.  53 days and counting.  BUT NML does still suck.  Why do people think you should be over it........ Why do people still think you're still "quitting" and haven't done it yet?  I've not smoked in 53 days.  I'm not going to smoke for another 1,000.  And, yes, that all fits right now.  I have one daughter that is constantly suggesting books, are you still on "the patch"?  I'm good.  I'm doing this.  I DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE.  "The patch" was not a bad thing.  If I didn't have that and have you people on here, I would still be puffing away because I got frustrated, angry, the wind blew the wrong way, screw it, I'm smoking.  I find it amazing that some people on here have 6 years, 8 years and so on and still come back to offer encouragement to us newbees.  I must say thank you to you all.  You're helping me along the way ......... Happy First Day of Spring !!!!