The Sands through the Hourglass

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Mar 16, 2016

I so remember when I was 12 years old having my first cigarette.  I thought it made me look cool.  Back in those days they cost $0.25 a pack and all you needed was a note from your mother and, boom, you got a pack.  Tried that a few times and got caught.  Next was when I was 13 and began stealing my dad's smokes out of his carton. Didn't really believe they would miss them until the carton was going as fast as it came in.  got caught.  Turned the magic age of 16, legal age to buy cigarettes back then.  Smoked virginia slims for years and never stopped from 1974-1975 on.  Back then you could smoke anywhere.  Your workplace, anywhere. Quitting smoking was never a thought or a word in my vocabulary back then.  Pricing went sky high.  Went to rolling my own with that gawd awful cigar tobacco.  That was terrible, but you know what, I kept smoking them.  Business picked up, more money, I can buy them again.  Began noticing the wheezing, the loss of breathe, headaches are increasing, leg cramps constantly.  I think it's time........

So now here we are at 49 days of being smoke free.  I remember when I finally stuck with it at day one thinking do this one day at a time.  My daughter would always check in on me.  I made it to 7 days.  My lord, that was a holiday.  I have never made it that far.  Made it to 29 days and found myself unconsciously driving to the gas station to buy a pack (happened a few times)........ oh, no, you don't,  At 30 days, I logged onto this site again after avoiding it for 2 years and found my answers to my questions.  Found my peace to the storm.  Found people who actually get me and understand.  So this journey is like sands through the hourglass only to be turned over and over again never to break.  I won't quit on my quit !!!!!!!!!!!