Acronyms, Acronyms, oh my

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Mar 15, 2016

I'll get to this acronym stuff later in this blog, but need to get this feeling off my plate.  This addiction is probably the worst because it's legal.  You can go anywhere and buy it.  It's a very slow killer.  Likes to tease you for years until it shows its ugly true face.  This No Man's Land kinda sucks.  I find myself tending not to mention to people that I'm a nonsmoker because they either avoid me because they still smoke or avoid me because they think I'm going to preach to them how nasty smoking is.

Well, I'll tell ya, I won't preach to them how nasty smoking is because that used to irritate the heck out of me when someone did when I did smoke.  Yes, I knew how bad it was for me.  Yes, I knew what it was doing.  And, NO, I'm not ready yet and get off your soap box.  Now I'm like if you want to LEARN about how to stop smoking, come to this site, read this article, watch this video.  Arm yourself with the tools to make you succeed. Understand how this whole ADDICTION works.  Don't think of it as a habit.  Think of it the same as alcoholism. It's a disease and it will be with you, but you can control it.

I find myself now struggling more so over these last few days.  Today is a much better day.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Yesterday I found myself scrambling to find anything and everything to keep my mind off of Mr. Nicobod.  He's someone I wish I would have never met.  But ya know, with old relationships, high school crushes, ex-husbands, old lovas, with time, with patience, they too are forgotten.  The memory comes back once in a while but go away as quickly as they came 

NOW on to acronyms.  Since I'm fairly new here, if someone could share what some of these acronyms mean.  I know DOF is days of freedom but some of the other ones used are baffling.  I finally figured out with TDC means, triple digits club.  Don't know if there's a DDC (double digits club), but I'm there.  If not, I'm declaring one..........