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I feel so good today I almost can't stand it!!! Recovery is wonderful whether it's from an addiction or pneumonia.


10months of freedom!!!

Posted by constanceclum May 29, 2020

9,169 cigarettes not smoked. $1500.00 saved!!! I never in my life believed I would see this day. Initially it was hard not to smoke but between 4 & 5 months I stopped thinking about it and consequently, stopped coming here. 


I wish I could say I quit smoking and my health miraculously improved. I sometimes wonder if I waited to long. I have a2nd growth in my lung the exact spot as the one they removed 2 yrs. who which was benign. They can't biopsy because it's right on my aorta. They can't do the wedge surgery because of the severity of my copd. So on 6/8 I'm going to Duke, and I'm very grateful to have that opportunity. The problem with it even if it's benign is it's growing.



So in March I had a bad case of pneumonia, I no sooner got over that, and I was hospitalized with respiratory failure from bronchitis, and last week I was diagnosed with pneumonia again. I am using oxygen full time except when I'm up but sitting still.


I am not saying any of this for pity. I am telling you this so you will no what might be your future if you keep smoking. I am 61. I have grandbabies and 1 due in Nov.  I probably tried to quit 10 times before, with the help of EX, I finally succeeded. Don't be like me where you'll have to wonder if you waited to long.




Hey everyone!!

Posted by constanceclum May 11, 2020

I truly hope all you amazing moms had a wonderful day yesterday.


I have changed my tactic with dealing with these quarantine cravings. Since I quit last July, I have always given the glory to God. I had attempted too many quits and never had the strength to overcome the horrific cravings of the 1st couple of months. It was just as horrible this last time but I could actually feel our Lord "rising" me above them. So lately cravings have returned a few times a day. Sometimes harsh and can last awhile. Lately I've been learning to thank God for adversity as it brings me closer to him. So I thank him for each cravings and decided to be grateful because each of these cravings mean I no longer smoke, and I can trust God's strength to get me through the tougher times. The cravings have actually diminished in time and strength.


God bless all of you  and especially those of you who are struggling,




EX is so helpful!!!

Posted by constanceclum May 9, 2020

Blogging yesterday and reading your comments has definitely helped. Plus I have started going back to AS meetings. I feel safe there because the majority of AAers around here are doing zoom meetings so the face-to-face meetings are small. It really lifts my spirit to see old friends and also talk with my old friends here.

I need to keep this short as I'm really exhausted today from not sleeping well.                                                                               God Bless...Connie

So it's been over 9 months since I quit smoking, and after those first 3 months, it's been smooth sailing-until a couple of weeks ago. I have for almost 100% of the time, stayed home. I am high-risk with both cold and immune deficiency. I also have bipolar depression, and isolating is the worst thing for it. So while most of the time I'm not even thinking of cigarettes, about 3-4 times a day I get nasty cravings that scare the carp out of me. 


so I decided I need to come back here on a daily basis.