I forgot to be grateful

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Nov 29, 2019

I was EXtra grateful for all the things I'm grateful for on a daily basis: God, my family, my cats etc..., but I forgot to be grateful for my first thanksgiving without smoking. That's because it was my 1st day I didn't think about smoking! Dale said it would come eventually. And it did at day 123. And the reason I'm EXtra grateful is because I was coming close to losing my NOPE lol. The past 2-3 weeks have, in some ways, been worse than the first few weeks but, thank God, I was prepared!!!  My addiction kept telling my I really wanted to smoke. Every one of those old triggers were like a fire alarm going off in my head. I actually told my husband I didn't think I could go on much longer which really upset him. He quit smoking 3 weeks ago, used the patch for a couple of weeks and barely has had a craving.


Well, as I've said before, I don't know anyone, have never heard anyone on here, say they regretted a cigarette not smoked, and that's how I feel today. So grateful to be a nonsmoker, and so grateful to be coming to the end of this NML..


There are so many wonderful blogs to read here on an ongoing basis. All newbies should stay close to every word printed by out elders. But I would advise every newbie to read Marilyn's blogs every morning. She has got me through many tough mornings which has always been my toughest times. 


God bless,