Still Going Strong!!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 31, 2019

33 DOF!!! My old PC finally bit the dust the other day. I spent a long time trying to navigate this site on my phone, but that was horrible. It took me so long to find personal blogs,, then couldn't remember how I did it. so I gave up. I went and got a tablet which is nice but taking a bit to get used to.


So am I in NML? Not sure how that works for people using patches, but I feel like I'm just getting out of New Man's Land lol.Seriously, I have struggled with harsh craves. Week 3 was pretty good, but weeks 4 & 5 were like the 1st 3 days all over again. But it's been Nope for me all the way. Finally, yesterday and today I have felt like a nonsmoker for the most part. Some minor twinges here and there.


So tomorrow I leave for upstate NY to visit my son and daughter-in-law. I had my PET scan on Wed. but don't see my Dr. until the end of the month. I refuse to look at the results online until I get back. 


Hope all of you are enjoying a nice smoke-free w/e and God bless,