Learning Lesson

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 16, 2019

This week, as far as my quit goes, has been like last week (heck week). I put off a lot of little (5 minute) things over the 2 weeks I spent mornings until 1:30 helping my friend while she was recovering from back surgery. This week has been a mad rush to take care of those "5 minute" things, many of which turned into an hour. Having COPD demands more self care and causes me to be slower that people my age who have healthy lungs. I do most of my responsibilities in the morning, At noon I go to an AA meeting. Afternoons are for the gym and Dr. appointments. Then some "chill" time, dinner and early to bed. I have been so busy in the mornings that I haven't had enough time to spend on here as I need, do my AA prayer and meditations or even use my nebulizer.  This rushing has caused me to be frazzled which increases my desire for a cigarette. I think partly because I never gave a second thought about taking that break, and my brain/body is telling me that I need that break


Well today is my mental health break, and it's going to be a slowed-down w/e, and next week there will be some changes. I plan on making a list each morning, prioritizing in order of importance with self care at the top and, whatever doesn't get done, goes on the next days list.


God bless each and everyone of you,