Good morning my big dose of sunshine!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 4, 2019

I love getting up and getting on here. I normally would have smoked a half pack of cigarettes by now. Instead, I've been here reading blogs from other newcomers who I most relate too, but also the elders and the fun times they are having without smoking.


I slept good last night so I'm expecting today to be a good day! When I go to sleep tonight, hell week will be over. I'm starting to space those lozenges as the cravings are getting weaker. I think I had 4 yesterday and I also am using regular mints. I don't really have a hand/mouth issues as I play a facebook game as much as I want, and that seems to take care of that.


I read a blog today where the writer mentioned she no longer had craves but now has urges, and I realized that I don't really know the difference. I would appreciate it if someone could explain that to me.


I'm off to enjoy my day, God bless each and everyone of you!