cutting down on chantix

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 8, 2018

I've heard of people doing this and even stopping it early because of not being able to tolerate it and still having successful quits. The problem is I have been sick a good amount to time since I started it. The 1st couple of weeks, I blamed it on nicotine withdrawals but, it changed to no appetite, only being able to eat small (like 8 bites) amounts and still feeling very full with horrible nausea. Then, the very vivid dreams turned very disturbing. I was so impressed with how chantix was helping me that I assumed I would be on it for 6 mo. but enough is enough. I decided that others quit without aids. That it isn't chantix quitting, it's me quitting. Even with chantix, I still did the things we all do: deep breathing, staying busy, distraction, coming here-sometimes several times/day. I still have the Lord's strength and the EX community. I felt some stronger urges today but part of me wonders if it's psychological because of not taking chantix. I'm thinking of taking half-dose tomorrow and see how I feel.


What I'm really needing is advice from others who quit with chantix though I don't think there's a lot of you and EXtra encouragement from all my buds here that I still got this.