Day 29

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 2, 2018

For the most part, all is good. Still a little rough in the morning but not near as bad as the first couple of weeks. I just don't dwell on it and it gets better. For the most part, I don't even think about it much.

I went for my monthly infusion this morning, a process that takes about 3 hours. The infusion center is at our local hospital. Small rooms without doors, reclining chairs and t.v.'s. All in all not too bad but, for some reason, I had pretty bad cravings the whole time I was there. The same type cravings I would have when I was still smoking. It was funny though, the minute I walked out, they completely stopped. My husband picked me up. He came straight from work and it's a 25 minute drive home. I couldn't even tell you if he smoked or not. I think I'm getting pretty use to being a nonsmoker and, for now, I only dwell on it when I can't have 1.


Oh well, on to NML lol, we eat NML for breakfast!