Hi Friends

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 25, 2018

For the most part I've been posting about positive things that are happening. That is because I am choosing to focus on the positive. But I don't want to fool anyone. This is not easy. I still have cravings, primarily in the morning. I just went through a 20 minute very strong crave with the lightheadedness and feeling like I just might die if I don't smoke. What I choose to focus on though is, how much better I feel most of the time. How much easier it is than 3 weeks ago and how much easier it will be in 3 weeks than it is now.


SINAO is what works best for me. Over 2 yrs. ago I had a pulmonologist tell me that I was looking at an early death if I kept smoking which I did. I used the same excuses that others use. I have bipolar depression with anxiety so it's impossible for me. I have too much financial stress. Well, it's 2 yrs. later and all that's happened is my copd has gotten worse and I've decided I want to live. I've learned to have joy in my life and enjoy every minute even when I'm going through withdrawal symptoms. Believe me, withdrawal symptoms are better than copd symptoms which I had for 6 weeks prior to my quit date. As soon as the heat and humidity hit NC I started with the wheezing and almost constant cough. Even prednisone and my nebulizer didn't help. Having to stay in on days with poor air quality. I don't choose to stay in now but I don't hang around outside either.


If your on the fence about quitting don't just choose life, choose quality of life.