Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 24, 2018

I joined Planet Fitness this past Fall when I couldn't go to pulmonary rehab because of the cost. I didn't expect much from this 46 yr. smoker with advanced copd but, I had previously had some pulm rehab and wanted to just start very lightly and continue as I saw fit. I did some wt machines for arms/chest and treadmill at 1 miles/hour. I worked up to 1.8miles/hour but when I had lung surgery in Mar. I started completely over. I got back to 1.8 mi/hr. but, after not smoking for 20 days, yesterday and today, I am walking at 2 miles and doing 20# of 3 reps of chest machines and tolerating that very well. I think I'll plan my 1st marathon lol. Just kidding but, I'm feeling really good about my life right now and wanted to share.