Life Changes

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 22, 2018

I'm not blogging much because life has been pretty uneventful. Nothing to complain about and no excuses to smoke. Well, I do have 1. Scott left a long butt on the kitchen table (and no, he does not smoke in the house and I didn't either) so I moved it outside to the plant table. I don't know why I didn't think to tear it up but I'm gonna do that as soon as I get done here because, even though I don't want to smoke, I'm having stronger urges today and I have to protect my quit.


I'm making other changes too. For yrs. I have spent several hrs. in the morning watching politics. MSNBC. Later on in the day, I would watch several hours (not sit with my eyes glued to the tv but that's what would be on) I would watch the ID channel-1 true murder story after another. Then I wonder why I'm such a negative person. Well, I have taken that out of my life. I am watching happy shows and listening to Christian music. I also uninstalled the fb games I have been very addicted to and were taking up several hours of my day. I've not scrolled through fb in a very long time. When I do,it's mostly to see pics of my granddaughter in NY. I use to love reading but haven't read a book in a long time. This morning, before it got too hot, I sat out on my porch with a book and really enjoyed it. I just started with these changes this week but I have been feeling so much better mentally already!


I hope all of you are enjoying your day as much as I am! Now to go tear up that cig butt lol