Day 14

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 17, 2018

No craves. Just boredom. The digestive issues are not resolved and today I'm eating even less. I'm so miserable with this and I'm feeling like a prisoner. Thank God I see the Dr. tomorrow and I really hope she can help.


I did go for a short walk. It's very hot here and air quality is poor. I'm just watching tv and playing fb games. I have 2 that I can spend a lot of time with but, at 2 weeks, I want to feel better. I already take lactulose because I have a high ammonia level for whatever reason so I don't want to add meds without seeing the Dr. I did start taking a stool softener though but not helping! Ugghhh!


Anyway, I'm not really in a bad mood. I have a lot of joy over not smoking and not having craves and I fully intend to tolerate what I have to to stay smoke-free. I hope everyone here knows that, no matter what, it's not worth smoking over!