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I forgot the struggle

Posted by constanceclum Apr 16, 2018

So it's day 1 again and I've had a difficult morning to say the least even with the patch and lozenges. It's easing up now after struggling for the past 4 hours. I actually got up at 5 for some unknown reason so I'm also feeling tired. Of course I'm still have this horrible cough and chest tightness so that's keeping me motivated and I've already been here twice today.


How is it possible, after doing this so many times, that I can forget how hard these initial days are?




Here it is

Posted by constanceclum Apr 15, 2018

My last day of smoking and I am more than ready for tomorrow! Thank God for this site. It definitely gives me the courage!




I love you guys!!!

Posted by constanceclum Apr 7, 2018

Thanks for all the great comments on my blog. When I said I was short on motivation, I didn't mean to quit smoking. I meant facing the first few days of cravings and figuring out what to do with myself when I'm not smoking. I fill a lot of time with smoking. I'm using this time to get excited about quitting and it's slowly working. Knowing you are all here for me and, well, all the newbies is hugely inspiring and I'm taking advantage of it.


The only results I hope to gain from exercise is that dopamine release. I've not only lost dopamine from smoking but I have bipolar depression as well. Plus it gives me something healthy to do.


Hope everyone is having a great day!




Motivation to quit

Posted by constanceclum Apr 6, 2018

Well I didn't quit after my surgery as I was only in the hospital for 2 day-right at the peak of craving and, of course, my husband smoked on the way home so I did too. Then 2 weeks stuck at home so I smoked even more than usual.


I have a new quit date of 4/16 and I have been having trouble with motivation-which is why I've waited so long to attempt this again. Coming here and reading blogs helps a lot. So good to see my old friends and all the newbies doing so well.


Since this lung surgery, my breathing has not come back to my normal (I had a wedge of lung removed so it might not come back to my normal especially as long as I smoke) and that's motivation as well. The nodule turned out to be a cyst so I feel truly blessed about that.


One thing I'm doing different is I joined Planet Fitness. That also motivates me as I'm anxious to see how much better I will do after I quit smoking. On days I don't go, I walk at home and do other exercises as well. I know the time is now. My son in NY is getting married in Sept. so I'm planning another trip and I will also see my granddaughter who will be a yr. old in Sept. How wonderful it will be to make that trip as a nonsmoker.


I hope all of you are doing well. I'm wondering how Thomas is doing?