Extreme stress and smoking

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 31, 2017

No I haven't smoked and I am feeling somewhat better today but I am looking back at the past yr. and my difficulty with smoking craves over the past couple of weeks. Over a yr. ago I started suffering with severe dry eye symptoms especially in my right eye. I would have never imagined how dry eyes could really ruin quality of life but spending most of the day feeling like you have sand in your eye and have been swimming for 12 hours in a pool with way too much chlorine in it can become very frustrating. About the same time, I started dealing with severe daily nausea and shortly after, constipation. Of course the ongoing visits with my pulmonologist for copd and twice/yr. ct scans for my nodule and a Psychiatrist too boot. I have insurance but I do not have money for the ongoing co-pays and I am very much financial debt. So than I had the 3 pneumonia's over the summer with the diagnosis of immune deficiency with, as far as I can tell at this point, the treatment costing $10,000/mo.. So, yes we all have everyday stressers as part of our everyday life but I have felt like my anxiety has been through the roof for a long time now and I believe that is what is causing my body and brain to have been screaming for nicotine.


Well things are starting to finally work out. My Dr. finally prescribed a medication for IBS that has greatly helped with nausea and, with some diet changes, the constipation has been relieved too. I mean is there anything worse?


My eye Dr. had inserted plugs which helped for a few weeks but after I had the cataract removed from my 1 eye in March, that eye got 20 times worse with dry eye symptoms. She told me about another procedure using amniotic membrane tissue which is very expensive. I did not believe I could afford it before my trip but I called her on Mon. to see if there was anything else. She had the desk set up an appt. for me and I went yesterday and she did the procedure telling me they would absorb the co-pay. 


I think once I know more about the immunodeficiency and if that treatment worked or whatever plan B is and finances for it and I feel like I'm back to just dealing with normal life issues, I'll have a better grip on this quitting not seeming so dang hard. After all, I'm already feeling a little better.


Sorry this is so long and for all the misspellings. I use to be a great speller but I'm spoiled now and sometimes too lazy to worry about correcting.


I wrote all this to see how other's experience being under extreme stress/discomfort/sickness/ pain during their early quits got through it. I mean my 1st mo. was fine but this 2nd mo.? Not so much.