I am losing it!!!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 30, 2017

I am at 51 DOF and 16 of the past 20 days have been like the 1st 3 days over and over. I had 2 comfortable days but the past 2 days have been horrible being fuzzy-headed, irritability off the chain and hands shaking so bad I can barely hold a fork. My mind and body is screaming for a cigarette. I went down to step 2 (14 or 15mg) patches I think about 10 days ago so I should be adjusted by now. Has anyone else gone through this experience of the 2nd mo. being harder than the 1st? This is why I relapsed at 8 weeks when I quit in the Spring and I know I don't want to do that but this is becoming unbearable.