Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 23, 2017

Just want to let ya'll know I haven't smoked. I'm still highly anxious, I feel like I have been shaking inside from my head to toes with a horrific headache but I know smoking won't help. I think I'll feel better once tomorrow is over. I'm not nervous about the IV but I have to take a cab. My phone is still not working so I downloaded uber and I'm just nervous that something will mess up. We only have 1 car and Scott takes it to Charlotte to work every morning at 4a.m. It's almost impossible for him to get a day off without a 2 week notice. Usually I make it work because he gets home at 1:30 but they do not do these infusions in the afternoon.


I really appreciate all the support. I know it has kept me from smoking!