Not a good day

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 22, 2017

Well I guess it's not that bad as I'm not smoking but I sure feel like I want to!. Yesterday I stepped down to 14mg patches. I also found out the reason for all these pneumonia's. My immune system is weak. I asked her how that could happen. I have always bragged that I have the immune system from HE double hockey sticks. From my earliest memories I had 1 fever 31 yrs. ago. That's all it was. A fever with aches/pains, chills and extremely tired. I didn't even go to a Dr. and it left as quickly as it came. My Dr. said she didn't know why it happened. I am going Thurs. for IV treatment and if it helps, (we'll do lab work after) I will continue with this IV therapy monthly. It's hard to stay motivated when it's 1 thing after another and that's how it's been since I quit drinking 15 mo. ago. Has anyone else experience a weak immune system or know anything about it like how I can help myself? I would greatly appreciate any help.


Thanks for letting me vent. I am very proud to have 43 DOF and don't plan on giving in. I have God and who needs cigs when you have him.


Love to all,