6 weeks ago today-

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 20, 2017

I put out my last cigarette. I feel very good about that. This NML is for the birds but, still, some days are better than others. And it's not really bad for whole days-just portions. I know every week I get behind me, it will get better. I am actually really learning to live in today and not so much in past or future. Sometimes I can actually grasp that living in the moment.


My Dr. left a vm. last Thurs. My left lung still shows "pneumonia" but they don't think that's what it is. As soon as 1 area heals, another one starts. She did an immunoglobulin blood test last Tues. and her vm stated it was abnormal and she was ordering a new medication but she needed to talk to me. I tried to call on Fri. but she was busy and didn't call back so I've had to go all w/e worrying about this. All I know is I'm so weak and shaky as well as tired, I haven't left the house. I need to be well for this big trip I have coming up.


One thing I will say, all of this has put too much fear in me to smoke.