So many pain in the butt issues

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 16, 2017

Is the word butt allowed? I guess I will soon see. The 1st couple of days into my 2nd month went very well but the last few days have loudly screamed at me that I am in NML. I have been having cravings on and off throughout the days. I keep doing what has always helped, distracted and busy as well as deep breathing. It is usually between 6 and 8 weeks that I give in but not this time. Too much is at steak.


My 1st diagnosis of pneumonia was on May 31. I had chest xrays every 2 weeks and it was still showing the infection. 2 weeks ago I had a chest CT scan which showed the original infection had healed but I had a new one. My Dr. put me on a new course of antibiotics and Mon. I went for chest x ray and went to see the Dr. yesterday. She said the last pneumonia had healed but now I have another one. I asked her what was going on and she pretty much said she didn't know but, since I'm not having symptoms, her and the other pulmonary Dr. are thinking it is not pneumonia but maybe atelectasis so she isn't putting me on another antibiotic but I should use my incentive spirometer, get a repeat x-ray in a month and go back to see them. She knows it's not cancer because each area is healing.


And then there's my eyes. I get on here as much as I can to take the pledge, read blogs, but not blogging myself very often. I have had severe dry eyes for about a yr. that regular drops don't help at all. She did a procedure which blocked my drainage ducts and I am buying expensive (not prescription) drops and I still am very uncomfortable. I am also having a lot of eye strain and she says I need computer glass (I also get terrible headaches after being on the computer) but I can't afford them until after I get back from my trip at the beginning of Oct.


And there's my stomach issues, severe nausea after eating and bathroom issues. He has not referred me to a GI specialist but has prescribed IBS meds. For the most part they help, but still have some nausea in the afternoon.


The only thing I know is smoking won't help a thing.


The good news is my lung nodule is staying stable.


Just want everyone to know where I'm at with my 37 DOF. Not meaning to bum anyone out.


Also have blurry vision after being on the computer too long so please excuse typo's and misspellings.