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I've been anticipating this day with dread. There have been so many past attempts but today I sort of feel a nothingness. I'd kind of like the excitement I've felt before but, then again, I wasn't successful then. Maybe this nothingness is an acceptance or resignation that will work for me. Time will tell. I've decided to go ahead and put a patch on tonight as my resolve might be completely gone in the morning. One minute at a time here I come!


Just glad the rest of you are still here and there is no revolving door!




You guys are great

Posted by constanceclum Jun 2, 2017

Thanks so much for all the comments on my last blog. I'm definitely more confident and motivated. Still feeling weak and shaky from the pneumonia. I'll be glad to be off the antibiotics and prednisone. Just not feeling too good. I know I'll feel better after putting these cigarettes down.


Have a great day everyone!