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New quit date

Posted by constanceclum May 31, 2017

I just got out of the hospital on Mon. from pneumonia and SIRS which is a condition that sepsis is likely. Even though this was a community aquired infection and the 1st time I've had an infection of any kind, the Dr. said I would likely to continue getting them if I don't quit. I don't like being sick, I don't like smoking nor buying them so I set a new quit date.


This Spring I quit for 2 mo. So frequently we hear people say things like"if I could quit for 2 weeks or 1 mo. or 2 mo. I know I'd never smoke again. All I can say is I was struggling just as much at 2 mo. as I was at 2 days. I don't know why this quit was so much harder than previous quits but on the day I started again I literally said to myself "if I have to keep struggling like this, I don't even want to live" I am really praying that this quit will not be about totally white knuckling it. I know all the tools you guys teach like the back of my hand but I still don't know how to turn my thoughts around. All I do know is I'll never quit quitting!


I'm thinking about trying cold turkey but I'm really afraid I won't be able to get through those cravings! I'll make up my mind on Sun.


By the way, the new date is Mon. 6/5.


Glad your all still here!