I almost lost sight of my goals!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Apr 9, 2017

 With 62 DOF I find myself getting exhausted with the tough periods. For me the 1st few weeks were very tough with anxiety attacks making the cravings even worse. Weeks 4 & 5 were pretty smooth but 6-8 were horrendous again. I'm not feeling the emptiness in my chest the past couple of days-just a desire to smoke. I could feel myself talking myself into it. I would run the tape all the way through-the coughing and copd flare-ups and that has kept me safe. Then, this morning I read Mandolin's blog. Having her grandson and being a nonsmoker. All my kids knew was me smoking and now they smoke. When my new grandbaby arrives in the fall, I want him/her to know me, grandma, as a nonsmoker. And I want to have as much of a future as I can with this baby. 


This is what reading blogs daily can do for you. It can make you see things in a completely different perspective. And I don't think most of us realize when we post a blog that we can actually be the one that stops someone from lighting up.