keeps getting better!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Apr 5, 2017

I am down right chipper today, for the 1st time in probably since the week prior to my quit date. I feel so grateful to have this site where everyone shares all our milestones and keeps with the encouragement and motivation. I still have the very mild emptiness is my chest but it is easy to stay busy and ignore it. Nicotine is really losing it's power-it's such a loser anyway-so I keep doing what I've always done, keep busy and deep breathing. These days are feeling like a cakewalk compared to the struggle I went through. I will always guard and protect this quick as so many elders have advised me. I will never allow myself to get cocky so the demon can creep back in and take control but it is nice to relax a little. Being a nicotine addict is very much like being a prisoner and I believe even more so that any other drug because the fix only last about 20 minutes. It controls us throughout every minute of everyday. I'm so glad to have been set free. What a precious gift!


Thanks everyone,