8 weeks of freedom

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Apr 3, 2017

I'm feeling better-sort of. I think anxiety, which I am diagnosed with as well as bipolar depression has totally ran my life certain periods of this quit. I remember that my psychiatrist had prescribed clonodine for me when I initially took it. I tried it but it made me so tired, I quit taking it. On Sat. when I felt my brain and body screaming for a cig-I also felt like my whole body, inside and out, was shaking, I told myself that this is just not right. I tried the clonodine. It worked but I felt like I couldn't stay awake. Now I'm taking 1/2 a pill and that seems to work a lot better for med. It is not time released so I know it's safe to do this.


I'm not sure how but I found Kelly's blogs. I read through them and was feeling so bad for all she has had to go through at the same time realizing that that might be my future might be too. It is time to take my 6th. mo cat scan this mo. and see my pulmonologist. I don't live in fear of my severe copd diagnosis but it is a reality for some of us. Does Kelly still come here? I don't remember seeing her.