Still here

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Feb 22, 2017

15 DOF and it has got a lot easier. I don't know why I had such a hard time this time but I hope I never forget. I think I went into this as yes I have a lot of good reasons to quit but I was lacking in excitement that I had on previous attempts. I haven't got on here much because I've been so busy and staying busy seemed to help more than sitting at this computer. Plus I still have a hard time with motivation with all the changes. I know I have to just keep coming back and eventually it will be easier but for now it seems frustrating which I didn't need when I was going through that really rough period. I will try to come here everyday though. I appreciate the copd group started by Thomas and hope it will be a great place for support and education.


And about my eyes. Next week I will have a tear procedure where they will partially block my drainage ducts and it's also time to have my cataracts removed. I'm almost blind in my right eye but I'm relieved to get this over with and have my eyes back.


Love to all of you,