Hey everybody

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 28, 2016

Just want to check in and let ya'll know I have another day won. Some people quit smart turkey and some think, in the long run, that is easier. Some of us believe that we have a better chance with NRT's or medication. The important thing is to have a weaning off plan. Next week I will start on 14 mg. nicotine patch for 2 weeks then 7 mg. patch. I will probably use lozenges (2mg) throughout NML. My top priority is to not inhale smoke. I have found this method to be quite comfortable and is recommended by quitline and smoking cessation classes as well as my Drs.

Of course I give so much credit to this site. Without it I don't have any support and all the experts recognize how important that is.

I think the hardest obstacle is to learn how to live life on life's terms without smoking and I will use any method possible until I am able to do that.

Connie 18 DOF