mornings without smoking

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 27, 2016

That is my worse time. I always needed several cigs after waking up to get those nic. levels caught up. Now I put on a patch and use a lozenge while waiting for the patch to start working. That's when I'm still kind of foggy headed and wanting to smoke more. It's still very doable and stay vigilant as Marilyn would say but I'll be happy to get enough time behind me where I'm not thinking so much about it with that morning coffee. Instead I get on here and fb which strengthens (EX) or distracts me (fb).

 Thomas came up with hope week for this 3rd week of not smoking. I wonder if he has an "h" word for the 4th week. If not I'm thinking of health week. By this time we can start thinking of other ways to improve our health. Exercize and nutrition are good ones. I know I did eliminate things with sugar but picked it back up with quitting smoking. I have gained 2#. So I can do that again. In his blog he mentioned pneumonia and flu shots. I have worked for places that gave flu shots for free. I think we all have areas that we can improve for our health and the 4th week of giving up cigs seems like a great place to start thinking and planning for it.

Quitting alcohol doesn't count. That has to be done before day 1.