Entered 3rd week

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 26, 2016

Thomas said I am now in "hope week" I love that! Even the rougher moments of not smoking are so much easier that smoking during a copd flare-up. Hopefully I will never forget that, at least not until smoking is but a distant memory.

I wasn't able to get on here yesterday. I was in Charlotte most of the day and then an apt. with my pulmonologist. He presented my case to a "committee" It is decided that I will have a repeat CT scan in 6mo. to see if my nodule has grown. The scans I had at the beginning of the mo. showed a little growth but does not appear to be cancerous. I am not a candidate for a lobectomy which would be the chosen method for getting rid of it but there was a surgeon at the meeting that said he would feel comfortable doing a "wedge" surgery which would just take the nodule out and they could biopsy it. They can't do a biopsy on it in my lung because of where it's located. If it shows malignancy, they would do some radiation. Anyway for the next 6 mo., I am turning it over to God. That gives me more time to strengthen myself with pulmonary rehab. and 6 mo. of being smoke free.

Just wanted to give an update on where I'm at healthwise and to tell newcomers that you don't have to wait til you have my problems (I also have advanced copd) to quit. I certainly wish I had never started this dreadful addiction or that I had quit prior to having these health issues.