Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 13, 2016

3 DOF already! I have been so busy I really haven't thought much about smoking! It might be a little tougher the next few days when I have more down time but knowing I'll have 4 DOF will help.

Getting on here daily and reading blogs is the best thing I can do to get through this first few weeks. Some of you have got through the initial weeks and you are such inspirations as well as all the wisdome from the elders.

I am also physically feeling much better and already increasing time and resistance at pulmonary rehab. I'm not even feeling the need to use my nebulizer and use the rescue inhaler very seldom. I know My lungs will only improve so much and I will always have to be EXtra vigilant about taking care of myself and avoiding infections. That's ok. I am so grateful that today I feel like I have quality to my life and I look forward to that for a long time. Maybe that's a little too hopeful but that's how I choose to be.