Yea!!! sleep

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 12, 2016

Feels so much better on day 3 with some good rest behind me. I mean the first few hours after waking are my toughest times to not smoke but I don't have any available and no car to go get any as well as the commitment of N.O.P.E.

I'm going to a noon AA meeting, then laundrymat and grocery store so I'll be busy most of the afternoon. Plus early to bed as I'll be back up at 3:00am for pulm. rehab tomorrow. Any down time and I will be back here reading blogs or crocheting. That's the plan for this 3rd day.

Chest and breathing are very slowly starting to get a little better but I know if I was to smoke at all, I would be right back to feeling like I have the elephant sitting on my chest and that's a horrible feeling.

I am hoping and praying that everyone here has a smooth smoke free day!!!