Succeeding this time

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 5, 2016

I, at this point, don't expect a huge welcome back party but I will not quit trying. I know my only chance of success is this site.

I have been getting on here daily and reading blogs. I started a smoking cessation class last night but it seems pretty lame. Maybe a waste of $20.00. I'm also starting pulmonary rehab on Thurs. I'm just getting over a pretty bad copd flare-up and the steroids (highest amount I've ever been on) are making it very hard for me to sleep. All in all, feeling pretty crappy the past couple of weeks.

My quit date is Mon. 10/10. I'll still use the patch but since huge aggitation got me last time, my psychiatrist gave me some clonidine to help with that. Agitation comes also with bipolar and clonidine isn't a antianxiety agent but does help with that. There is some debate after studies that it may actually help with smoking cessation.

I'm really happy and excited to be back. Still no alchohol. That is going great.